Save Money on Your Groceries in Canada

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Hi, I'm Cassie.

Back in 2007, I was over $20,000 in debt - that's when I turned to couponing. I learned the ins and outs, learned how to get my groceries for next to nothing, end enjoyed every minute!

I now teach other Canadians how they can save money with coupons - and without them. That's right, it is possible to save a ton of money on groceries without using coupons!

Thus far, my blog,, has reached millions of Canadians. Every day, tens of thousands of people are visiting the blog learning how to save money.

I'm so happy that I get to share my passion with you - helping others save money is one of my favourite things to do!

Wouldn't you love to purchase a cart full of groceries for a fraction of the original price? You can! This eBook will show you how.

For only $17, you can download this eBook and learn about the many ways to save money on grocery purchases. There is a PDF and audio version available!

When you read this eBook, you will learn:

  • Where to find Canadian coupons - and the best time to use them.
  • How to save money with menu planning.
  • The best rewards programs in Canada.
  • How to grow a stockpile so you never pay full price for groceries again!
  • How to price match.
  • How to save money on produce.
  • How to be an extreme couponer in Canada.
  • All about mail-in rebates.

  • + much, much more!

    What are you waiting for? Download your copy of Money in Your Pocket right now and start saving thousands of dollars a year on your grocery bill (easily)!

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    Stores have sneaky ways that they get you to spend more money when you're shopping and this eBook will teach you how to avoid those traps.

    Don't spend a single cent on groceries until you've read this book!

    Once you're finished reading, you will be a pro at saving money at the grocery store. Saving money is very easy, you just have to know the tips and tricks for saving - and this eBook will teach you those things!

    Canada Save on Groceries

    Why would you ever pay retail prices again?

    The retail price of these groceries would have been $697.39, but after a bit of strategic shopping, the actual price paid was only $23.98 - which is a savings of 98%!

    Grocery Stockpile

    Grocery Stockpile

    Wouldn't you love to shop in your own home?

    The retail value of this grocery stockpile is around $5,000 - but it was all purchased for under $500! This stockpile could last a family of 4 up to 6 months.

    Household items, food & beverages, baby items, toiletries and more - all purchased at a fraction of the original prices.

    You can do this too!

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    Coupon Christine

    My couponing addiction started back in February of 2011. Like many, I started following a couple great websites/facebook pages to get myself hooked. One website I stumbled upon was Cassie's couponing website, she had a ton of resources that she posted that just made things clearer for me. I recently took her online course she had and even had the privilege of interviewing Cassie about her couponing and to get some more money saving tips to share with you all. One great woman who also loves helping people save CASH! Just think of the money you are about to save on your grocery bills every week! This will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent!


    Simply FrugalThis is the second edition of Money in Your Pocket, and boy, is it great! The first edition was a helpful tool for Canadians wanting to save some money, but the second edition is a way more helpful tool! This ebook boasts over 100 pages filled with tips on how to coupon, stockpile, menu plan, and how to save at the grocery store. I especially like the fact that the ebook is very appealing to the eyes and is easy to understand. I'm sure, if you even implement one of the tips in the ebook, you'll be saving a bundle!


    StephenAfter reading the book, it is clear to me that this is an invaluable resource to Canadian grocery shoppers and it is particularly useful to those people who are new to couponing and have no idea that they can take real steps to significantly reduce their grocery bill. Even if you are a seasoned deal hunter like me, you will still learn some things you didn't know before and this book is a great gift to give to family and friends whom you would like to see start saving more money but would easily be overwhelmed without a clear and simple guide like this one.


    Money Back Guarantee

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    I am so confident that this eBook is going to save you money, that I am willing to offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this eBook for any reason, let me know and you will receive a complete refund. No questions asked!

    Save Money on Your Groceries in Canada

    Every month, dozens of people are downloading Money in Your Pocket and learning how to save money on groceries.

    Money Back GuaranteeBuy it Now!

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