Money in Your Pocket: Affiliate Program

You can sign up to the affiliate program and earn 50% of all sales that you send our way.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional promotional material.

Click here to join the affiliate program.

How to use your affiliate link to make sales:
1. Login to e-junkie (after signing up to the affiliate program via the link above)
2. Click the “Affiliates” tab (top right)
3. Click the “Affiliate Admin” link
4. Click “Get Affiliate Code”
5. Select “Money In Your Pocket” from the dropdown menu
6. Click “Get Affiliate Code” button just below the "Money In Your Pocket" selection.
7. Highlight all of the HTML and paste it anywhere that HTML is accepted.

Promotional Banners

How to add a banner to your website:

1. Upload the image to your server or another image host (such as Flickr) and grab the URL of that image.
2. Insert the image and affliate code to your website. The code should look something like this:

< a href=”http://AffiliateLink” >< img src=”http://ImageURL” >




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